package automagic

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AnyRef, Any
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Type Members

  1. class Macros extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. macro def transform[From, To](from: From, overrides: (String, Any)*): To

    Construct an instance of the To type based on the provided from instance and overrides.

    Construct an instance of the To type based on the provided from instance and overrides.

    The most basic behaviour is to copy the fields from from, e.g.

    case class Input(foo: Int, bar: String)
    case class Output(foo: Int, bar: String)
    val input = Input(123, "wow")
    val output = transform[Input, Output](input)

    This will produce an Output(123, "wow").

    But sometimes your input and output models don't match exactly, so you might need to add some more fields, or change the value and/or the type of some fields. This is where overrides come in.


    case class InputUser(firstName: String, lastName: String, age: String, address: String, job: String)
    case class OutputUser(name: String, age: Int, address: String, job: String)
    val input = InputUser("Chris", "Birchall", "31", "1 Fake St", "Developer")
    val output = transform[InputUser, OutputUser](input,
      "name" -> s"${input.firstName} ${input.lastName}",
      "age" -> input.age.toInt

    Here we have provided overrides to generate values for the name and age fields of OutputUser. Anything that has not been overriden (i.e. address and job) will be copied from the input's fields.

    So this will produce an OutputUser("Chris Birchall", 31, "1 Fake St", "Developer").

    The override mechanism is type-safe:

    • if you're missing a necessary override, you'll get a compile error
    • if your override has the wrong type, you'll get a compile error
    • if you provide a superfluous override (i.e. no parameter with that name exists), you'll get a compile error

    Construction of the To instance is done by trying the following methods, in this order:

    • the To class's companion object's apply methods (tried in descending order of parameter count)
    • the To class's primary constructor

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