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Java Ultimate Tools 1.5.0 API

JavaUltimateTools v1.5.0

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Package Description
Contains a lot of tools to use in any Java program.
Contains classes and methods for authentication for your application.
Contains classes to manage permissions to be used to enable or disable parts of your application.
Contains tools to communicate with a database.
Contains tools to communicate with a database using JDBC.
Contains builder classes for creating sql statements.
Contains demo code that will run if the jar file is run directly.
Contains JavaFX dialogs to use in your application.
Contains enums and constants that are used throughout the library.
Contains classes to manage the custom events.

JavaUltimateTools v1.5.0

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Java Ultimate Tools is a large repository of scripts for use in any Java program. It contains the following:

NOTE: This Project Has Now Been Updated To Use Java 10!!!

If you would like a more details, check out the file.

If you would like to view the JavaDoc info, it is hosted at GitHub Branch) and at Maven Release). The version is what is stored in the doc folder in the project.

NOTE: A new documentation site is coming soon to explain in more detail how to use this library!


Want to contribute? Great! Any help with development is greatly appreciated. If you want to add something or fix any issues please submit a pull request and if it is helpful it may be merged. Please check out our Code of Conduct for Contributors.


Download v1.5.0

The changelog can be found here

Using with Maven

If you are familiar with Maven, add the following XML fragments into your pom.xml file. With those settings, your Maven will automatically download our library into your local Maven repository, since our libraries are synchronized with the Maven central repository.



Creative Commons License

JavaUltimateTools by J&G CompTech is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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