package geny

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Type Members

  1. trait Generator[+A] extends AnyRef

    Provides the geny.Gen data type, A Generator of elements of type A.

    Provides the geny.Gen data type, A Generator of elements of type A.

    Generator is basically the inverse of a scala.Iterator: instead of the core functionality being the pull-based hasNext and next: T methods, the core is based around the push-based generate method. generate is basically an extra-customizable version of foreach, which allows the person calling it to provide basic control-flow instructions to the upstream Gens.

    Unlike a scala.Iterator, subclasses of Generator can guarantee any clean up logic is performed by placing it after the generate call is made.

    Transformations on a Generator are lazy: calling methods like filter or map do not evaluate the entire Gen, but instead construct a new Gen that delegates to the original. The only methods that evaluate the Generator are the "Action" methods like generate/foreach/find, or the "Conversion" methods like toArray or similar.

    generate takes a function returning Gen.Action rather that Unit. This allows a downstream Gen to provide basic control commands to the upstream Gens: i.e. Generator.End to cease enumeration of the upstream Gen. This allows it to avoid traversing and processing elements that the downstream Gen doesn't want/need to see anyway.

Value Members

  1. object Generator