Servlet transport for the JAX-WS RI.


Class Summary
JAXWSRIDeploymentProbeProvider sun-jaxws.xml deployment probe.
JAXWSRIServletProbeProvider Keeps track of webservice start and end for sun-jaxws.xml deployments.
ServletAdapter HttpAdapter for servlets.
ServletAdapterList List (and a factory) of ServletAdapter.
ServletConnectionImpl WSHTTPConnection implemented for HttpServlet.
ServletModule WebModule that is a servlet container.
WSServlet The JAX-WS dispatcher servlet.
WSServletContextListener Parses sun-jaxws.xml and sets up HttpAdapters for all deployed endpoints.
WSServletDelegate Called by WSServlet to choose HttpAdapter and sends a request to it.

Package Description

Servlet transport for the JAX-WS RI.

This package glues together the servlet API and the JAX-WS hosting API.


WSServlet and WSServletContextListener class names show up in the user application, so we need to be careful in changing them. Other parts of the code, including actual definitions of the above classes, are subject to change without notice.

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