package memcached

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Type Members

  1. trait BaseClient[T] extends AnyRef

    A friendly client to talk to a Memcached server.

  2. case class CacheNode(host: String, port: Int, weight: Int, key: Option[String] = scala.None) extends SocketAddress with Product with Serializable

  3. trait CachePoolCluster extends Cluster[CacheNode]

  4. case class CachePoolConfig(cachePoolSize: Int, detectKeyRemapping: Boolean = false) extends Product with Serializable

    Cache pool config data format Currently this data format is only used by ZookeeperCachePoolManager to read the config data from zookeeper serverset parent node, and the expected cache pool size is the only attribute we need for now.

  5. trait Client extends BaseClient[ChannelBuffer]

  6. class ClientAdaptor[T] extends BaseClient[T] with Proxy

  7. class ConnectedClient extends Client

    A Client connected to an individual Memcached server.

  8. case class Entry(value: ChannelBuffer, expiry: Time) extends Product with Serializable

  9. case class GetResult extends Product with Serializable

  10. case class GetsResult(getResult: GetResult) extends Product with Serializable

  11. class Interpreter extends AnyRef

    Evalutes a given Memcached operation and returns the result.

  12. class InterpreterService extends Service[Command, Response]

  13. class KetamaClient extends PartitionedClient

  14. case class KetamaClientBuilder extends Product with Serializable

  15. abstract class KetamaClientKey extends AnyRef

  16. class KetamaFailureAccrualFactory[Req, Rep] extends FailureAccrualFactory[Req, Rep]

  17. class MockClient extends Client

    Map-based mock client for testing Note: The cas method checks if value is same as previous value, if not, do a swap and return true

  18. class PHPMemCacheClient extends PartitionedClient

    PHP memcache-client (memcache.

  19. case class PHPMemCacheClientBuilder(_nodes: Seq[(String, Int, Int)], _hashName: Option[String], _clientBuilder: Option[ClientBuilder[_, _, _, _, Yes]]) extends Product with Serializable

    Builder for memcache-client (memcache.

  20. trait PartitionedClient extends Client

    A partitioned client is a client that delegates to an actual client based on the key value.

  21. class PoolingReadRepairClient extends Client

    This class is designed to support replicated memcached setups.

  22. trait ProxyClient extends Client

  23. class RubyMemCacheClient extends PartitionedClient

    Ruby memcache-client (MemCache) compatible client.

  24. case class RubyMemCacheClientBuilder(_nodes: Seq[(String, Int, Int)], _clientBuilder: Option[ClientBuilder[_, _, _, _, Yes]]) extends Product with Serializable

    Builder for memcache-client (MemCache) compatible client.

  25. class StaticCachePoolCluster extends CachePoolCluster

    Cache pool based on a static list

  26. trait TwemcacheClient extends Client

  27. trait TwemcacheConnectedClient extends TwemcacheClient

    Twemcache commands implementation.

  28. trait TwemcachePartitionedClient extends TwemcacheClient

    Twemcache commands implemenation for a partitioned client.

  29. class TwitterCacheResolver extends Resolver

  30. class TwitterCacheResolverException extends Exception

    Twitter cache pool path resolver.

  31. class ZookeeperCacheNodeGroup extends Group[CacheNode] with ZookeeperStateMonitor

    Zookeeper based cache node group with a serverset as the underlying pool.

  32. class ZookeeperCachePoolCluster extends CachePoolCluster with ZookeeperStateMonitor

    Zookeeper based cache pool cluster with a serverset as the underlying pool.

  33. trait ZookeeperStateMonitor extends AnyRef

    A zk monitor trait that assists with monitoring a given zk path for any node data change, in which the provided zk data handling implementation will be invoked.

  34. class Server extends AnyRef

    An in-process memcached server.

Value Members

  1. object CacheNodeGroup

  2. object CachePoolCluster

    Cache specific cluster implementation.

  3. object CachePoolConfig extends Serializable

    Cache pool config data object

  4. object Client

  5. object GetResult extends Serializable

  6. object KetamaClient

  7. object KetamaClientBuilder extends Serializable

  8. object KetamaClientKey

  9. object PHPMemCacheClientBuilder extends Serializable

  10. object PartitionedClient

  11. object TwemcacheClient

  12. object ZookeeperCachePoolCluster

    ZooKeeper based cache pool cluster companion object

  13. object ZookeeperStateMonitor

  14. package java

  15. package migration

  16. package protocol

  17. package replication

    Package replication implements a base cache client that can manage multiple cache replicas.

  18. package util