package redis

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Type Members

  1. class RedisHashStore extends Store[ChannelBuffer, Map[ChannelBuffer, ChannelBuffer]]

    A Store in which keys map to Maps of secondary keys and values backed by a redis hash

  2. class RedisLongStore extends ConvertedStore[ChannelBuffer, ChannelBuffer, ChannelBuffer, Long] with MergeableStore[ChannelBuffer, Long]

    A MergableStore backed by redis which stores Long values.

  3. class RedisSetMembershipStore extends Store[(ChannelBuffer, ChannelBuffer), Unit]

    A Store for sets of values backed by a Redis set.

  4. class RedisSetStore extends Store[ChannelBuffer, Set[ChannelBuffer]]

    A Store for sets of values backed by a Redis set.

  5. class RedisStore extends Store[ChannelBuffer, ChannelBuffer] with WithPutTtl[ChannelBuffer, ChannelBuffer, RedisStore]

  6. class RedisStringStore extends ConvertedStore[ChannelBuffer, ChannelBuffer, ChannelBuffer, String] with MergeableStore[ChannelBuffer, String]

    A MergableStore backed by redis which stores String values Values are merged by with an append operation.

  7. class UnpivotedRedisHashStore extends UnpivotedStore[(ChannelBuffer, ChannelBuffer), ChannelBuffer, ChannelBuffer, ChannelBuffer]

Value Members

  1. object RedisHashStore

  2. object RedisLongStore extends NumericInjections

  3. object RedisSetStore

  4. object RedisStore

  5. object RedisStringStore