Class ParameterParser

  • public class ParameterParser
    extends java.lang.Object
    Wrapper class to avoid code duplication of common parsing requirements.
    Steinar Knutsen
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      static java.lang.Long asMilliSeconds​(java.lang.Object value, java.lang.Long defaultValue)
      Tries to return the given object as a Long.
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      • ParameterParser

        public ParameterParser()
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      • asMilliSeconds

        public static java.lang.Long asMilliSeconds​(java.lang.Object value,
                                                    java.lang.Long defaultValue)
        Tries to return the given object as a Long. If it is a Number, treat it as a number of seconds, i.e. get a Long representation and multiply by 1000. If it has a String representation, try to parse this as a floating point number, followed by by an optional unit (seconds and an SI prefix, a couple of valid examples are "s" and "ms". Only a very small subset of SI prefixes are supported). If no unit is given, seconds are assumed.
        value - some representation of a number of seconds
        defaultValue - returned if value is null
        value as a number of milliseconds
        java.lang.NumberFormatException - if value is not a Number instance and its String representation cannot be parsed as a number followed optionally by time unit