package spray

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Type Members

  1. trait ErrorAccumulatingUnmarshaller extends AnyRef

  2. trait FailFastUnmarshaller extends AnyRef

  3. trait JsonSupport extends AnyRef

  4. trait NoSpacesPrinter extends AnyRef

  5. case class RootDecoder[A](underlying: Decoder[A]) extends Product with Serializable

    A type class that wraps a decoder that will only accept root JSON values (i.

Value Members

  1. object ErrorAccumulatingJsonSupport extends JsonSupport with NoSpacesPrinter with ErrorAccumulatingUnmarshaller

  2. object JsonSupport extends JsonSupport with NoSpacesPrinter with FailFastUnmarshaller

  3. object RootDecoder extends LowPriorityRootDecoders with Serializable