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AndroidSchedulers - Class in rx.android.schedulers
Android-specific Schedulers.


from(Looper) - Static method in class rx.android.schedulers.AndroidSchedulers
A Scheduler which executes actions on looper.
from(Handler) - Static method in class rx.android.schedulers.HandlerScheduler


getDefaultInstance() - Static method in class rx.android.plugins.RxAndroidSchedulersHook
getInstance() - Static method in class rx.android.plugins.RxAndroidPlugins
getMainThreadScheduler() - Method in class rx.android.plugins.RxAndroidSchedulersHook
Scheduler to return from AndroidSchedulers.mainThread() or null if default should be used.
getSchedulersHook() - Method in class rx.android.plugins.RxAndroidPlugins
Retrieves the instance of RxAndroidSchedulersHook to use based on order of precedence as defined in the RxAndroidPlugins class header.


HandlerScheduler - Class in rx.android.schedulers


isUnsubscribed() - Method in class rx.android.MainThreadSubscription


mainThread() - Static method in class rx.android.schedulers.AndroidSchedulers
A Scheduler which executes actions on the Android UI thread.
MainThreadSubscription - Class in rx.android
A subscription which ensures its unsubscribe action is executed on the main thread.
MainThreadSubscription() - Constructor for class rx.android.MainThreadSubscription


onSchedule(Action0) - Method in class rx.android.plugins.RxAndroidSchedulersHook
Invoked before the Action is handed over to the scheduler.
onUnsubscribe() - Method in class rx.android.MainThreadSubscription


registerSchedulersHook(RxAndroidSchedulersHook) - Method in class rx.android.plugins.RxAndroidPlugins
Registers an RxAndroidSchedulersHook implementation as a global override of any injected or default implementations.
reset() - Method in class rx.android.plugins.RxAndroidPlugins
Reset any explicit or default-set hooks.
reset() - Static method in class rx.android.schedulers.AndroidSchedulers
Resets the current AndroidSchedulers instance.
rx.android - package rx.android
rx.android.plugins - package rx.android.plugins
rx.android.schedulers - package rx.android.schedulers
RxAndroidPlugins - Class in rx.android.plugins
Registry for plugin implementations that allows global override and handles the retrieval of correct implementation based on order of precedence: plugin registered globally via register methods in this class default implementation
RxAndroidSchedulersHook - Class in rx.android.plugins
RxAndroidSchedulersHook() - Constructor for class rx.android.plugins.RxAndroidSchedulersHook


unsubscribe() - Method in class rx.android.MainThreadSubscription


verifyMainThread() - Static method in class rx.android.MainThreadSubscription
Verify that the calling thread is the Android main thread.