Class AuthenticationTokenIdentifier

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    public class AuthenticationTokenIdentifier
    Implementation that identifies the underlying Token for Accumulo.
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      • TOKEN_KIND

        public static final TOKEN_KIND
    • Constructor Detail

      • AuthenticationTokenIdentifier

        public AuthenticationTokenIdentifier()
      • AuthenticationTokenIdentifier

        public AuthenticationTokenIdentifier​(String principal)
      • AuthenticationTokenIdentifier

        public AuthenticationTokenIdentifier​(String principal,
                                             int keyId,
                                             long issueDate,
                                             long expirationDate,
                                             String instanceId)
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      • setKeyId

        public void setKeyId​(int keyId)
      • getKeyId

        public int getKeyId()
      • setIssueDate

        public void setIssueDate​(long issueDate)
      • getIssueDate

        public long getIssueDate()
      • setExpirationDate

        public void setExpirationDate​(long expirationDate)
      • getExpirationDate

        public long getExpirationDate()
      • setInstanceId

        public void setInstanceId​(String instanceId)
      • getInstanceId

        public String getInstanceId()
      • getConfig

        public DelegationTokenConfig getConfig()
        A configuration from the requesting user, may be null.
      • getKind

        public getKind()
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      • getUser

        public getUser()
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        getUser in class
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        public int hashCode()
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