Class SiteConfiguration

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    public class SiteConfiguration
    extends AccumuloConfiguration
    An AccumuloConfiguration which first loads any properties set on the command-line (using the -o option) and then from This implementation supports defaulting undefined property values to a parent configuration's definitions.

    The system property "" can be used to specify the location of the properties file on the classpath or filesystem if the path is prefixed with 'file://'. If the system property is not defined, it defaults to "" and will look on classpath for file.

    Note: Client code should not use this class, and it may be deprecated in the future.

    • Constructor Detail

      • SiteConfiguration

        public SiteConfiguration()
      • SiteConfiguration

        public SiteConfiguration​(Map<String,​String> overrides)
      • SiteConfiguration

        public SiteConfiguration​(File accumuloPropsFile)
      • SiteConfiguration

        public SiteConfiguration​(File accumuloPropsFile,
                                 Map<String,​String> overrides)
      • SiteConfiguration

        public SiteConfiguration​(URL accumuloPropsLocation)
      • SiteConfiguration

        public SiteConfiguration​(URL accumuloPropsLocation,
                                 Map<String,​String> overrides)
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      • getAccumuloPropsLocation

        public static URL getAccumuloPropsLocation()
      • getProperties

        public void getProperties​(Map<String,​String> props,
                                  Predicate<String> filter)
        Description copied from class: AccumuloConfiguration
        Returns property key/value pairs in this configuration. The pairs include those defined in this configuration which pass the given filter, and those supplied from the parent configuration which are not included from here.
        Specified by:
        getProperties in class AccumuloConfiguration
        props - properties object to populate
        filter - filter for accepting properties from this configuration