Class KeyExtent

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    public class KeyExtent
    extends Object
    keeps track of information needed to identify a tablet
    • Constructor Detail

      • KeyExtent

        public KeyExtent()
        Default constructor
      • KeyExtent

        public KeyExtent​(TableId table,
      • KeyExtent

        public KeyExtent​(KeyExtent extent)
      • KeyExtent

        public KeyExtent​( flattenedExtent,
                         Value prevEndRow)
      • KeyExtent

        public KeyExtent​( flattenedExtent,
    • Method Detail

      • getMetadataEntry

        public getMetadataEntry()
        Returns a String representing this extent's entry in the Metadata table
      • setTableId

        public void setTableId​(TableId tId)
        Sets the extents table id
      • getTableId

        public TableId getTableId()
        Returns the extent's table id
      • setEndRow

        public void setEndRow​( endRow)
        Sets this extent's end row
      • getEndRow

        public getEndRow()
        Returns this extent's end row
      • getPrevEndRow

        public getPrevEndRow()
        Return the previous extent's end row
      • setPrevEndRow

        public void setPrevEndRow​( prevEndRow)
        Sets the previous extent's end row
      • readFields

        public void readFields​(DataInput in)
                        throws IOException
        Specified by:
        readFields in interface
      • getPrevRowUpdateMutation

        public Mutation getPrevRowUpdateMutation()
        Returns a String representing the previous extent's entry in the Metadata table
      • decodePrevEndRow

        public static decodePrevEndRow​(Value ibw)
      • encodePrevEndRow

        public static Value encodePrevEndRow​( per)
      • getPrevRowUpdateMutation

        public static Mutation getPrevRowUpdateMutation​(KeyExtent ke)
      • hashCode

        public int hashCode()
        hashCode in class Object
      • getUUID

        public UUID getUUID()
      • tableOfMetadataRow

        public static byte[] tableOfMetadataRow​( row)
      • contains

        public boolean contains​(ByteSequence bsrow)
      • contains

        public boolean contains​( row)
      • toDataRange

        public Range toDataRange()
      • toMetadataRange

        public Range toMetadataRange()
      • overlaps

        public boolean overlaps​(KeyExtent other)
      • getMetadataEntry

        public static getMetadataEntry​(KeyExtent extent)
      • isPreviousExtent

        public boolean isPreviousExtent​(KeyExtent prevExtent)
      • isMeta

        public boolean isMeta()
      • isRootTablet

        public boolean isRootTablet()