Class VisibilityMetric

  • public class VisibilityMetric
    extends Object
    Class that holds the components of a visibility metric. The String visibility, the number of times that is seen in a locality group, the percentage of keys that contain that visibility in the locality group, the number of blocks in the locality group that contain the visibility, and the percentage of blocks in the locality group that contain the visibility.
    • Constructor Detail

      • VisibilityMetric

        public VisibilityMetric​(String visibility,
                                long visLG,
                                double visLGPer,
                                long visBlock,
                                double visBlockPer)
    • Method Detail

      • getVisibility

        public String getVisibility()
        the visibility
      • getVisLG

        public long getVisLG()
        the visLG
      • getVisBlock

        public long getVisBlock()
        the visBlock
      • getVisLGPer

        public double getVisLGPer()
        the visLGPer
      • getVisBlockPer

        public double getVisBlockPer()
        the visBlockPer