Class BCFile.Writer.BlockAppender

    • Method Detail

      • getRawSize

        public long getRawSize()
        Get the raw size of the block. Caution: size() comes from DataOutputStream which returns Integer.MAX_VALUE on an overflow. This results in a value of 2GiB meaning that an unknown amount of data, at least 2GiB large, has been written. RFiles handle this issue by keeping track of the position of blocks instead of relying on blocks to provide this information.
        the number of uncompressed bytes written through the BlockAppender so far.
      • getCompressedSize

        public long getCompressedSize()
                               throws IOException
        Get the compressed size of the block in progress.
        the number of compressed bytes written to the underlying FS file. The size may be smaller than actual need to compress the all data written due to internal buffering inside the compressor.
      • getStartPos

        public long getStartPos()