Class YieldCallback<K>

  • public class YieldCallback<K>
    extends Object
    This callback handles the state of yielding within an iterator
    • Constructor Detail

      • YieldCallback

        public YieldCallback()
    • Method Detail

      • yield

        public void yield​(K key)
        Called by the iterator when a next or seek call yields control.
        key - the key position at which the iterator yielded.
      • hasYielded

        public boolean hasYielded()
        Called by the client to see if the iterator yielded
        true if iterator yielded control
      • getPositionAndReset

        public K getPositionAndReset()
        Called by the client to get the yield position used as the start key (non-inclusive) of the range in a subsequent seek call when the iterator is rebuilt. This will also reset the state returned by hasYielded.
        K The key position