Class AgeOffFilter

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      • AgeOffFilter

        public AgeOffFilter()
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      • deepCopy

        public SortedKeyValueIterator<Key,​Value> deepCopy​(IteratorEnvironment env)
        Description copied from interface: SortedKeyValueIterator
        Creates a deep copy of this iterator as though seek had not yet been called. init should be called on an iterator before deepCopy is called. init should not need to be called on the copy that is returned by deepCopy; that is, when necessary init should be called in the deepCopy method on the iterator it returns. The behavior is unspecified if init is called after deepCopy either on the original or the copy. A proper implementation would call deepCopy on the source.
        Specified by:
        deepCopy in interface SortedKeyValueIterator<Key,​Value>
        deepCopy in class Filter
        env - IteratorEnvironment environment in which iterator is being run.
        SortedKeyValueIterator a copy of this iterator (with the same source and settings).
      • validateOptions

        public boolean validateOptions​(Map<String,​String> options)
        Description copied from interface: OptionDescriber
        Check to see if an options map contains all options required by an iterator and that the option values are in the expected formats.
        Specified by:
        validateOptions in interface OptionDescriber
        validateOptions in class Filter
        options - a map of option names to option values
        true if options are valid, false otherwise (IllegalArgumentException preferred)
      • setTTL

        public static void setTTL​(IteratorSetting is,
                                  Long ttl)
        A convenience method for setting the age off threshold.
        is - IteratorSetting object to configure.
        ttl - age off threshold in milliseconds.
      • setCurrentTime

        public static void setCurrentTime​(IteratorSetting is,
                                          Long currentTime)
        A convenience method for setting the current time (from which to measure the age off threshold).
        is - IteratorSetting object to configure.
        currentTime - time in milliseconds.