Class MasterMonitorInfo

    • Method Detail

      • getTableMapSize

        public int getTableMapSize()
      • putToTableMap

        public void putToTableMap​(String key,
                                  TableInfo val)
      • unsetTableMap

        public void unsetTableMap()
      • isSetTableMap

        public boolean isSetTableMap()
        Returns true if field tableMap is set (has been assigned a value) and false otherwise
      • setTableMapIsSet

        public void setTableMapIsSet​(boolean value)
      • getTServerInfoSize

        public int getTServerInfoSize()
      • unsetTServerInfo

        public void unsetTServerInfo()
      • isSetTServerInfo

        public boolean isSetTServerInfo()
        Returns true if field tServerInfo is set (has been assigned a value) and false otherwise
      • setTServerInfoIsSet

        public void setTServerInfoIsSet​(boolean value)
      • getBadTServersSize

        public int getBadTServersSize()
      • putToBadTServers

        public void putToBadTServers​(String key,
                                     byte val)
      • unsetBadTServers

        public void unsetBadTServers()
      • isSetBadTServers

        public boolean isSetBadTServers()
        Returns true if field badTServers is set (has been assigned a value) and false otherwise
      • setBadTServersIsSet

        public void setBadTServersIsSet​(boolean value)
      • unsetState

        public void unsetState()
      • isSetState

        public boolean isSetState()
        Returns true if field state is set (has been assigned a value) and false otherwise
      • setStateIsSet

        public void setStateIsSet​(boolean value)
      • unsetGoalState

        public void unsetGoalState()
      • isSetGoalState

        public boolean isSetGoalState()
        Returns true if field goalState is set (has been assigned a value) and false otherwise
      • setGoalStateIsSet

        public void setGoalStateIsSet​(boolean value)
      • getUnassignedTablets

        public int getUnassignedTablets()
      • setUnassignedTablets

        public MasterMonitorInfo setUnassignedTablets​(int unassignedTablets)
      • unsetUnassignedTablets

        public void unsetUnassignedTablets()
      • isSetUnassignedTablets

        public boolean isSetUnassignedTablets()
        Returns true if field unassignedTablets is set (has been assigned a value) and false otherwise
      • setUnassignedTabletsIsSet

        public void setUnassignedTabletsIsSet​(boolean value)
      • getServersShuttingDownSize

        public int getServersShuttingDownSize()
      • getServersShuttingDownIterator

        public Iterator<String> getServersShuttingDownIterator()
      • addToServersShuttingDown

        public void addToServersShuttingDown​(String elem)
      • getServersShuttingDown

        public Set<String> getServersShuttingDown()
      • unsetServersShuttingDown

        public void unsetServersShuttingDown()
      • isSetServersShuttingDown

        public boolean isSetServersShuttingDown()
        Returns true if field serversShuttingDown is set (has been assigned a value) and false otherwise
      • setServersShuttingDownIsSet

        public void setServersShuttingDownIsSet​(boolean value)
      • getDeadTabletServersSize

        public int getDeadTabletServersSize()
      • getDeadTabletServersIterator

        public Iterator<DeadServer> getDeadTabletServersIterator()
      • addToDeadTabletServers

        public void addToDeadTabletServers​(DeadServer elem)
      • getDeadTabletServers

        public List<DeadServer> getDeadTabletServers()
      • unsetDeadTabletServers

        public void unsetDeadTabletServers()
      • isSetDeadTabletServers

        public boolean isSetDeadTabletServers()
        Returns true if field deadTabletServers is set (has been assigned a value) and false otherwise
      • setDeadTabletServersIsSet

        public void setDeadTabletServersIsSet​(boolean value)
      • getBulkImportsSize

        public int getBulkImportsSize()
      • unsetBulkImports

        public void unsetBulkImports()
      • isSetBulkImports

        public boolean isSetBulkImports()
        Returns true if field bulkImports is set (has been assigned a value) and false otherwise
      • setBulkImportsIsSet

        public void setBulkImportsIsSet​(boolean value)
      • hashCode

        public int hashCode()
        hashCode in class Object
      • read

        public void read​(org.apache.thrift.protocol.TProtocol iprot)
                  throws org.apache.thrift.TException
        Specified by:
        read in interface org.apache.thrift.TSerializable
      • write

        public void write​(org.apache.thrift.protocol.TProtocol oprot)
                   throws org.apache.thrift.TException
        Specified by:
        write in interface org.apache.thrift.TSerializable
      • validate

        public void validate()
                      throws org.apache.thrift.TException