Class TableInfo

    • Field Detail

      • recs

        public long recs
      • recsInMemory

        public long recsInMemory
      • tablets

        public int tablets
      • onlineTablets

        public int onlineTablets
      • ingestRate

        public double ingestRate
      • ingestByteRate

        public double ingestByteRate
      • queryRate

        public double queryRate
      • queryByteRate

        public double queryByteRate
      • scanRate

        public double scanRate
      • metaDataMap

        public static final Map<TableInfo._Fields,​org.apache.thrift.meta_data.FieldMetaData> metaDataMap
    • Constructor Detail

      • TableInfo

        public TableInfo()
      • TableInfo

        public TableInfo​(long recs,
                         long recsInMemory,
                         int tablets,
                         int onlineTablets,
                         double ingestRate,
                         double ingestByteRate,
                         double queryRate,
                         double queryByteRate,
                         Compacting minors,
                         Compacting majors,
                         Compacting scans,
                         double scanRate)
      • TableInfo

        public TableInfo​(TableInfo other)
        Performs a deep copy on other.
    • Method Detail

      • getRecs

        public long getRecs()
      • setRecs

        public TableInfo setRecs​(long recs)
      • unsetRecs

        public void unsetRecs()
      • isSetRecs

        public boolean isSetRecs()
        Returns true if field recs is set (has been assigned a value) and false otherwise
      • setRecsIsSet

        public void setRecsIsSet​(boolean value)
      • getRecsInMemory

        public long getRecsInMemory()
      • setRecsInMemory

        public TableInfo setRecsInMemory​(long recsInMemory)
      • unsetRecsInMemory

        public void unsetRecsInMemory()
      • isSetRecsInMemory

        public boolean isSetRecsInMemory()
        Returns true if field recsInMemory is set (has been assigned a value) and false otherwise
      • setRecsInMemoryIsSet

        public void setRecsInMemoryIsSet​(boolean value)
      • getTablets

        public int getTablets()
      • setTablets

        public TableInfo setTablets​(int tablets)
      • unsetTablets

        public void unsetTablets()
      • isSetTablets

        public boolean isSetTablets()
        Returns true if field tablets is set (has been assigned a value) and false otherwise
      • setTabletsIsSet

        public void setTabletsIsSet​(boolean value)
      • getOnlineTablets

        public int getOnlineTablets()
      • setOnlineTablets

        public TableInfo setOnlineTablets​(int onlineTablets)
      • unsetOnlineTablets

        public void unsetOnlineTablets()
      • isSetOnlineTablets

        public boolean isSetOnlineTablets()
        Returns true if field onlineTablets is set (has been assigned a value) and false otherwise
      • setOnlineTabletsIsSet

        public void setOnlineTabletsIsSet​(boolean value)
      • getIngestRate

        public double getIngestRate()
      • setIngestRate

        public TableInfo setIngestRate​(double ingestRate)
      • unsetIngestRate

        public void unsetIngestRate()
      • isSetIngestRate

        public boolean isSetIngestRate()
        Returns true if field ingestRate is set (has been assigned a value) and false otherwise
      • setIngestRateIsSet

        public void setIngestRateIsSet​(boolean value)
      • getIngestByteRate

        public double getIngestByteRate()
      • setIngestByteRate

        public TableInfo setIngestByteRate​(double ingestByteRate)
      • unsetIngestByteRate

        public void unsetIngestByteRate()
      • isSetIngestByteRate

        public boolean isSetIngestByteRate()
        Returns true if field ingestByteRate is set (has been assigned a value) and false otherwise
      • setIngestByteRateIsSet

        public void setIngestByteRateIsSet​(boolean value)
      • getQueryRate

        public double getQueryRate()
      • setQueryRate

        public TableInfo setQueryRate​(double queryRate)
      • unsetQueryRate

        public void unsetQueryRate()
      • isSetQueryRate

        public boolean isSetQueryRate()
        Returns true if field queryRate is set (has been assigned a value) and false otherwise
      • setQueryRateIsSet

        public void setQueryRateIsSet​(boolean value)
      • getQueryByteRate

        public double getQueryByteRate()
      • setQueryByteRate

        public TableInfo setQueryByteRate​(double queryByteRate)
      • unsetQueryByteRate

        public void unsetQueryByteRate()
      • isSetQueryByteRate

        public boolean isSetQueryByteRate()
        Returns true if field queryByteRate is set (has been assigned a value) and false otherwise
      • setQueryByteRateIsSet

        public void setQueryByteRateIsSet​(boolean value)
      • unsetMinors

        public void unsetMinors()
      • isSetMinors

        public boolean isSetMinors()
        Returns true if field minors is set (has been assigned a value) and false otherwise
      • setMinorsIsSet

        public void setMinorsIsSet​(boolean value)
      • unsetMajors

        public void unsetMajors()
      • isSetMajors

        public boolean isSetMajors()
        Returns true if field majors is set (has been assigned a value) and false otherwise
      • setMajorsIsSet

        public void setMajorsIsSet​(boolean value)
      • unsetScans

        public void unsetScans()
      • isSetScans

        public boolean isSetScans()
        Returns true if field scans is set (has been assigned a value) and false otherwise
      • setScansIsSet

        public void setScansIsSet​(boolean value)
      • getScanRate

        public double getScanRate()
      • setScanRate

        public TableInfo setScanRate​(double scanRate)
      • unsetScanRate

        public void unsetScanRate()
      • isSetScanRate

        public boolean isSetScanRate()
        Returns true if field scanRate is set (has been assigned a value) and false otherwise
      • setScanRateIsSet

        public void setScanRateIsSet​(boolean value)
      • isSet

        public boolean isSet​(TableInfo._Fields field)
        Returns true if field corresponding to fieldID is set (has been assigned a value) and false otherwise
        Specified by:
        isSet in interface org.apache.thrift.TBase<TableInfo,​TableInfo._Fields>
      • equals

        public boolean equals​(TableInfo that)
      • hashCode

        public int hashCode()
        hashCode in class Object
      • read

        public void read​(org.apache.thrift.protocol.TProtocol iprot)
                  throws org.apache.thrift.TException
        Specified by:
        read in interface org.apache.thrift.TSerializable
      • write

        public void write​(org.apache.thrift.protocol.TProtocol oprot)
                   throws org.apache.thrift.TException
        Specified by:
        write in interface org.apache.thrift.TSerializable
      • validate

        public void validate()
                      throws org.apache.thrift.TException