Class MetadataSchema.ReplicationSection

  • Enclosing class:

    public static class MetadataSchema.ReplicationSection
    extends Object
    Holds references to files that need replication
     ~replhdfs://localhost:8020/accumulo/wal/tserver+port/WAL stat:local_table_id [] -> protobuf
    • Field Detail

      • COLF

        public static final COLF
    • Constructor Detail

      • ReplicationSection

        public ReplicationSection()
    • Method Detail

      • getRange

        public static Range getRange()
      • getRowPrefix

        public static String getRowPrefix()
      • getTableId

        public static TableId getTableId​(Key k)
        Extract the table ID from the colfam
        k - Key to extract from
      • getFile

        public static void getFile​(Key k,
        Extract the file name from the row suffix into the given Text
        k - Key to extract from
        buff - Text to place file name into