Class ActionStats

    • Field Detail

      • status

        public int status
      • elapsed

        public double elapsed
      • num

        public int num
      • count

        public long count
      • sumDev

        public double sumDev
      • fail

        public int fail
      • queueTime

        public double queueTime
      • queueSumDev

        public double queueSumDev
      • metaDataMap

        public static final Map<ActionStats._Fields,​org.apache.thrift.meta_data.FieldMetaData> metaDataMap
    • Constructor Detail

      • ActionStats

        public ActionStats()
      • ActionStats

        public ActionStats​(int status,
                           double elapsed,
                           int num,
                           long count,
                           double sumDev,
                           int fail,
                           double queueTime,
                           double queueSumDev)
      • ActionStats

        public ActionStats​(ActionStats other)
        Performs a deep copy on other.
    • Method Detail

      • getStatus

        public int getStatus()
      • setStatus

        public ActionStats setStatus​(int status)
      • unsetStatus

        public void unsetStatus()
      • isSetStatus

        public boolean isSetStatus()
        Returns true if field status is set (has been assigned a value) and false otherwise
      • setStatusIsSet

        public void setStatusIsSet​(boolean value)
      • getElapsed

        public double getElapsed()
      • setElapsed

        public ActionStats setElapsed​(double elapsed)
      • unsetElapsed

        public void unsetElapsed()
      • isSetElapsed

        public boolean isSetElapsed()
        Returns true if field elapsed is set (has been assigned a value) and false otherwise
      • setElapsedIsSet

        public void setElapsedIsSet​(boolean value)
      • getNum

        public int getNum()
      • unsetNum

        public void unsetNum()
      • isSetNum

        public boolean isSetNum()
        Returns true if field num is set (has been assigned a value) and false otherwise
      • setNumIsSet

        public void setNumIsSet​(boolean value)
      • getCount

        public long getCount()
      • setCount

        public ActionStats setCount​(long count)
      • unsetCount

        public void unsetCount()
      • isSetCount

        public boolean isSetCount()
        Returns true if field count is set (has been assigned a value) and false otherwise
      • setCountIsSet

        public void setCountIsSet​(boolean value)
      • getSumDev

        public double getSumDev()
      • setSumDev

        public ActionStats setSumDev​(double sumDev)
      • unsetSumDev

        public void unsetSumDev()
      • isSetSumDev

        public boolean isSetSumDev()
        Returns true if field sumDev is set (has been assigned a value) and false otherwise
      • setSumDevIsSet

        public void setSumDevIsSet​(boolean value)
      • getFail

        public int getFail()
      • unsetFail

        public void unsetFail()
      • isSetFail

        public boolean isSetFail()
        Returns true if field fail is set (has been assigned a value) and false otherwise
      • setFailIsSet

        public void setFailIsSet​(boolean value)
      • getQueueTime

        public double getQueueTime()
      • setQueueTime

        public ActionStats setQueueTime​(double queueTime)
      • unsetQueueTime

        public void unsetQueueTime()
      • isSetQueueTime

        public boolean isSetQueueTime()
        Returns true if field queueTime is set (has been assigned a value) and false otherwise
      • setQueueTimeIsSet

        public void setQueueTimeIsSet​(boolean value)
      • getQueueSumDev

        public double getQueueSumDev()
      • setQueueSumDev

        public ActionStats setQueueSumDev​(double queueSumDev)
      • unsetQueueSumDev

        public void unsetQueueSumDev()
      • isSetQueueSumDev

        public boolean isSetQueueSumDev()
        Returns true if field queueSumDev is set (has been assigned a value) and false otherwise
      • setQueueSumDevIsSet

        public void setQueueSumDevIsSet​(boolean value)
      • isSet

        public boolean isSet​(ActionStats._Fields field)
        Returns true if field corresponding to fieldID is set (has been assigned a value) and false otherwise
        Specified by:
        isSet in interface org.apache.thrift.TBase<ActionStats,​ActionStats._Fields>
      • hashCode

        public int hashCode()
        hashCode in class Object
      • read

        public void read​(org.apache.thrift.protocol.TProtocol iprot)
                  throws org.apache.thrift.TException
        Specified by:
        read in interface org.apache.thrift.TSerializable
      • write

        public void write​(org.apache.thrift.protocol.TProtocol oprot)
                   throws org.apache.thrift.TException
        Specified by:
        write in interface org.apache.thrift.TSerializable
      • validate

        public void validate()
                      throws org.apache.thrift.TException