Class LocalityGroupUtil.PartitionedMutation

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    public static class LocalityGroupUtil.PartitionedMutation
    extends Mutation
    • Constructor Detail

      • PartitionedMutation

        public PartitionedMutation​(byte[] row,
                                   List<ColumnUpdate> updates)
    • Method Detail

      • getRow

        public byte[] getRow()
        Description copied from class: Mutation
        Gets the row ID for this mutation. Not a defensive copy.
        getRow in class Mutation
        row ID
      • getUpdates

        public List<ColumnUpdate> getUpdates()
        Description copied from class: Mutation
        Gets the modifications and deletions in this mutation. After calling this method, further modifications to this mutation are ignored. Changes made to the returned updates do not affect this mutation.
        getUpdates in class Mutation
        list of modifications and deletions
      • toThrift

        public TMutation toThrift()
        Description copied from class: Mutation
        Creates a TMutation object containing this Mutation's data. Note that this method will move the Mutation into a "serialized" state that will prevent users from adding more data via Mutation#put().
        toThrift in class Mutation
        a thrift form of this Mutation
      • equals

        public boolean equals​(Mutation m)
        Description copied from class: Mutation
        Checks if this mutation equals another. Two mutations are equal if they target the same row and have the same modifications and deletions, in order. This method may be removed in a future API revision in favor of Mutation.equals(Object). See ACCUMULO-1627 for more information.
        equals in class Mutation
        m - mutation to compare
        true if this mutation equals the other, false otherwise