package kafka010

Spark Integration for Kafka 0.10

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Type Members

  1. trait CanCommitOffsets extends AnyRef

    :: Experimental :: Represents any object that can commit a collection of OffsetRanges.

  2. abstract class ConsumerStrategy[K, V] extends AnyRef

    :: Experimental :: Choice of how to create and configure underlying Kafka Consumers on driver and executors.

  3. trait HasOffsetRanges extends AnyRef

    Represents any object that has a collection of OffsetRanges.

  4. sealed abstract class LocationStrategy extends AnyRef

    :: Experimental :: Choice of how to schedule consumers for a given TopicPartition on an executor.

  5. final class OffsetRange extends Serializable

    Represents a range of offsets from a single Kafka TopicPartition.

  6. abstract class PerPartitionConfig extends Serializable

    :: Experimental :: Interface for user-supplied configurations that can't otherwise be set via Spark properties, because they need tweaking on a per-partition basis,

Value Members

  1. object ConsumerStrategies

    :: Experimental :: object for obtaining instances of ConsumerStrategy

  2. object KafkaUtils extends Logging

    :: Experimental :: object for constructing Kafka streams and RDDs

  3. object LocationStrategies

    :: Experimental :: object to obtain instances of LocationStrategy

  4. object OffsetRange extends Serializable

    Companion object the provides methods to create instances of OffsetRange.

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