package core

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Type Members

  1. class Analyzer extends Actor with Stash with ActorLogging with RefactoringHandler

  2. class AnalyzerManager extends Actor with ActorLogging with Stash

  3. class Broadcaster extends Actor with ActorLogging

    An actor that will forward all received messages onto actors that have registered to receive messages.

  4. final case class CompilerFatalError(e: Throwable) extends Product with Serializable

  5. trait CompletionControl extends AnyRef

  6. trait DocFinding extends AnyRef

  7. final case class DocFqn(pack: String, typeName: String) extends Product with Serializable

    Information necessary to create a javadoc or scaladoc URI for a particular type or type member.

  8. trait DocJarReading extends AnyRef

  9. class DocResolver extends Actor with ActorLogging with DocUsecaseHandling with DocResolverBackCompat

  10. trait DocResolverBackCompat extends AnyRef

  11. final case class DocSig(fqn: DocFqn, member: Option[String]) extends Product with Serializable

  12. final case class DocSigPair(scala: DocSig, java: DocSig) extends Product with Serializable

    We generate DocSigs for java and scala at the same time, since we don't know a priori whether the docs will be in scaladoc or javadoc format.

  13. trait DocUsecaseHandling extends AnyRef

  14. abstract class ExpandMatchCases extends MultiStageRefactoring with TreeAnalysis with Indexes with TreeFactory with InteractiveScalaCompiler

  15. class FloodGate extends Actor with ActorLogging with Stash

    Holds messages until an Activate is received.

  16. trait FqnToSymbol extends AnyRef

    The inverse of SymbolToFqn

  17. trait Helpers extends AnyRef

  18. class ImplicitAnalyzer extends AnyRef

  19. class Indexer extends Actor with ActorLogging

  20. class JavaAnalyzer extends Actor with Stash with ActorLogging

  21. trait PositionBackCompat extends AnyRef

  22. class PositionLocator extends CompilerAccess with EnrichedTrees

  23. trait PresentationCompilerBackCompat extends AnyRef

    Simulate methods that were added in later versions of the scalac API, or to generate fake methods that we can use in both versions.

  24. class Project extends Actor with ActorLogging with Stash

    The Project actor simply forwards messages coming from the user to the respective subcomponent.

  25. trait Protocol extends AnyRef

    Provides a generic message encoding/dblocking I/O API for reading and writing to the wire.

  26. trait RefactoringControl extends AnyRef

  27. abstract class RefactoringEnvironment extends AnyRef

  28. trait RefactoringHandler extends AnyRef

  29. trait RefactoringImpl extends AnyRef

  30. trait RichCompilerControl extends CompilerControl with RefactoringControl with CompletionControl with DocFinding

  31. class RichPresentationCompiler extends Global with ModelBuilders with RichCompilerControl with RefactoringImpl with Helpers with PresentationCompilerBackCompat with PositionBackCompat with StructureViewBuilder with SymbolToFqn with FqnToSymbol with TypeToScalaName

  32. final class ScalaName extends AnyVal

    Type safety around Scala type names, scalac uses raw Strings.

  33. trait ScalapSymbolToFqn extends AnyRef

  34. class SemanticHighlighting extends CompilerAccess with EnrichedTrees

  35. final case class ShutdownRequest(reason: String, isError: Boolean = false) extends Product with Serializable

  36. trait StructureViewBuilder extends AnyRef

  37. trait SymbolToFqn extends AnyRef

    Resolves scalac scala.reflect.internal.Symbols.Symbol to Java bytecode FQNs (including descriptors for methods).

  38. final case class TypeCompletionsReq(prefix: String, maxResults: Int) extends Product with Serializable

  39. trait TypeToScalaName extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. object Analyzer

  2. object AnalyzerManager

  3. object Broadcaster

  4. object Canon extends Poly1

    Goes through sealed families and gets the canonical path of File and Path instances.

  5. object Canonised

  6. object CompletionUtil

  7. object DocJarReading

  8. object DocResolver

  9. object FloodGate

  10. object Indexer

  11. object JavaAnalyzer

  12. object Keywords

  13. object Project

  14. object ScalaSigApi

  15. package debug

  16. package javac