package lucene

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Type Members

  1. trait DocumentProvider[T] extends AnyRef

  2. trait DocumentRecovery[T] extends AnyRef

  3. trait DynamicSynonymAnalyzer extends Analyzer with SynonymEngine

    Analyzer that does no additional (not even lowercasing) other than the term itself and its synonyms.

  4. class DynamicSynonymFilter extends TokenFilter

    Splits tokens into synonyms at the same position, taking in a simple map from a String to a list of its synonyms (which doesn't need to contain the original token).

  5. trait Entity extends Product

  6. abstract class EntityS[T <: Entity] extends Serializer[T]

  7. trait QueryProvider[T] extends AnyRef

  8. implicit class RichDocument extends AnyRef

  9. implicit class RichEntity[T <: Entity] extends AnyRef

  10. abstract class Serializer[T] extends DocumentProvider[T] with DocumentRecovery[T] with QueryProvider[T]

  11. class SimpleLucene extends SLF4JLogging

    Lightweight convenience wrapper over Lucene that does some sanity checking, sets up per-field Analyzers and gives access to CRUD-like operations.

Value Members

  1. object DynamicSynonymFilter

  2. object SimpleLucene

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