Class IrisBiometricSubtypeInfo

    • Constructor Detail

      • IrisBiometricSubtypeInfo

        public IrisBiometricSubtypeInfo​(int biometricSubtype,
                                        int imageFormat,
                                        List<IrisImageInfo> irisImageInfos)
        Constructs a biometric subtype info.
        biometricSubtype - one of EYE_UNDEF, EYE_RIGHT, EYE_LEFT
        imageFormat - the image format as specified in the IrisInfo of which this is a part
        irisImageInfos - the iris image info records
      • IrisBiometricSubtypeInfo

        public IrisBiometricSubtypeInfo​(InputStream in,
                                        int imageFormat)
                                 throws IOException
        Constructs an iris biometric subtype from binary encoding.
        in - an input stream
        imageFormat - the image format used
        IOException - if reading fails
    • Method Detail

      • getRecordLength

        public long getRecordLength()
        Returns the record length.
        the record length
      • getBiometricSubtype

        public int getBiometricSubtype()
        The biometric subtype (feature identifier). Result is one of EYE_UNDEF, EYE_RIGHT, EYE_LEFT.
        the biometric subtype.
      • getImageFormat

        public int getImageFormat()
        Returns the image format used in the images encoded in this record.
        the image format
      • getIrisImageInfos

        public List<IrisImageInfo> getIrisImageInfos()
        Returns the iris image infos embedded in this iris biometric subtype info.
        the embedded iris image infos
      • addIrisImageInfo

        public void addIrisImageInfo​(IrisImageInfo irisImageInfo)
        Adds an iris image info to this iris biometric subtype info.
        irisImageInfo - the iris image info to add
      • removeIrisImageInfo

        public void removeIrisImageInfo​(int index)
        Removes an iris image info from this iris biometric subtype info.
        index - the index of the iris image info to remove