Class PACEGMWithECDHMappingResult

    • Constructor Detail

      • PACEGMWithECDHMappingResult

        public PACEGMWithECDHMappingResult​(AlgorithmParameterSpec staticParameters,
                                           byte[] piccNonce,
                                           PublicKey piccMappingPublicKey,
                                           KeyPair pcdMappingKeyPair,
                                           ECPoint sharedSecretPoint,
                                           AlgorithmParameterSpec ephemeralParameters)
        Constructs a result.
        staticParameters - the static parameters
        piccNonce - the nonce that was sent by the PICC
        piccMappingPublicKey - the mapping public key sent by the PICC
        pcdMappingKeyPair - the key-pair generated by the PCD
        sharedSecretPoint - the shared secret that was derived
        ephemeralParameters - the ephemeral parameters that were derived
    • Method Detail

      • getSharedSecretPoint

        public ECPoint getSharedSecretPoint()
        Returns the shared secret point that was derived during this step.
        the shared secret point that was derived