Interface Closable

    • Method Detail

      • close

        void close​()
            throws CloseException
        Closes the component's connection(s). Throws a CloseException as upon close we may have to do things like flushing buffers which can fail (and would otherwise fail unhandled or even worse unnoticed).
        CloseException - in case closing or pre-closing (flushing) fails.
      • closeUnchecked

        default void closeUnchecked​()
        Closes the component by calling close() without you to require catching an CloseException.
        org.refcodes.exception.HiddenException - encapsulates the cause and is thrown upon encountering a CloseException exception
      • closeQuietly

        default void closeQuietly​()
        Tries to close the component's connection(s). Ignores any problems which normally would be reported by the close() method with an according exception. The default implementation tries to invoke a "flush()" in case the implementing instance implements the Flushable interface before invoking close(). Additionally the default implementation tries IoRetryCount.NORM number of times to invoke close() till a timeout of IoTimeout.NORM is reached. In any case this method will return quietly without throwing any exception.
      • closeIn

        default void closeIn​(int aCloseInMillis)
        Tries to close the component's connection(s) after the given time in milliseconds. This method doesn't throw an exception as it immediately returns and closes after the given time expired. In case of an exception it will be wrapped in a HiddenException. Use (if implemented) ClosedAccessor.isClosed() to finally determine whether the close operation succeeded.
        aCloseInMillis - The time in milliseconds to pass till close() is called.