Interface SyntaxUsage

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        default java.lang.String toUsage​()
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        java.lang.String toUsage​(SyntaxNotation aSyntaxNotation)
        Returns the human readable (verbose) syntax of implementing class ATTENTION: As of different parenthesis settings for some notations regarding the root Syntaxable and the child Syntaxables, the method Syntaxable.toSyntax(SyntaxNotation) is called from inside a Syntaxable hierarchy. In case the syntax is to be retrieved from the root Syntaxable or an encapsulating and different type, then the applicable method to be called is toUsage(SyntaxNotation), as for some notations it will for example not create the most outer braces.
        aSyntaxNotation - The syntax notation used for generating the command line arguments syntax.
        The human readable (verbose) command line arguments syntax.