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Package org.slf4j.impl

SLF4J is the "simple logging facade for Java".

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Package org.slf4j.impl Description

SLF4J is the "simple logging facade for Java". This package contains the SLF4J adapter for the REFCODES.ORG logging framework represened by the RuntimeLogger and the more generic Logger types.

This implementation is based on a provided logger adapter (as shipped with the SLF4J sources [1]) and tailored according to the SLF4J FAQ [2].

"... It is important to create these files in the package: org.slf4j.impl, because SLF4J is using this to find the correct adapter ..." [3] This means that the package structure for the adapter is given and must not be changed.

Regarding the usage of SLF4J, please refere to the official SLF4J documentation [4].

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"[1]", "[2]", "[3]", "[4]"
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