Interface Logger<T>

    • Method Detail

      • log

        void log​(org.refcodes.tabular.Record<? extends T> aRecord)
          throws IllegalRecordRuntimeException,
        Logs a Record. The targeted data sink for the Record instances (where them are physically stored) depends on the implementation of the Logger. It can be a console, a file, a stream or a database.
        aRecord - The Record to be logged.
        IllegalRecordRuntimeException - Thrown in case the record cannot be logged as a specific implementation might expect some dedicated Column instances to be contained in the provided Record.
        UnexpectedLogRuntimeException - Thrown in case some other problems regarding logging occurred, e.g. the data sink (physical system where to log to) experiences problems.
      • printSeparator

        default void printSeparator​()
        Prints a separator line in case the underlying Logger supports the such. A separator line may be printed just as of beautifying purposes and does not belong to the actual log's data. Therefore this method may just do nothing, depending on the implementing class.