Class SystemLogger

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    LogDecorator, Logger<java.lang.Object>

    public class SystemLogger
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements Logger<java.lang.Object>
    Very plain implementation of the logger interface, mainly used as fallback Logger.
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      void log​(org.refcodes.tabular.Record<?> aRecord)
      Logs a Record.
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      • SystemLogger

        public SystemLogger​()
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      • log

        public void log​(org.refcodes.tabular.Record<?> aRecord)
                 throws IllegalRecordRuntimeException,
        Logs a Record. The targeted data sink for the Record instances (where them are physically stored) depends on the implementation of the Logger. It can be a console, a file, a stream or a database.
        Specified by:
        log in interface Logger<java.lang.Object>
        aRecord - The Record to be logged.
        IllegalRecordRuntimeException - Thrown in case the record cannot be logged as a specific implementation might expect some dedicated Column instances to be contained in the provided Record.
        UnexpectedLogRuntimeException - Thrown in case some other problems regarding logging occurred, e.g. the data sink (physical system where to log to) experiences problems.