Interface RedirectDepthAccessor.RedirectDepthBuilder<B extends RedirectDepthAccessor.RedirectDepthBuilder<B>>

  • Type Parameters:
    B - The builder to return in order to be able to apply multiple build operations.
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    public static interface RedirectDepthAccessor.RedirectDepthBuilder<B extends RedirectDepthAccessor.RedirectDepthBuilder<B>>
    Provides a builder method for a redirect depth property returning the builder for applying multiple build operations. The redirect depth provides the count of HTTP-Request and HTTP-Response cycles where the response represents a redirect as of HttpStatusCode.isRedirectStatus(). A value of -1 represents the default behavior, e.g. using HttpURLConnection's redirection means.
    • Method Detail

      • withRedirectDepth

        B withRedirectDepth​(int aRedirectDepth)
        Sets the redirect depth for the redirect depth property.
        aRedirectDepth - The redirect depth to be stored by the redirect depth property.
        The builder for applying multiple build operations.