Interface RestRequestBuilder

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    org.refcodes.mixin.Dumpable,<>,<,RestRequestBuilder>,<>,<>,<>,,,<RestRequestBuilder>,,,,<RestRequestBuilder>, RestRequest,,,
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    public interface RestRequestBuilder
    extends RestRequest,<RestRequestBuilder>,,<RestRequestBuilder>,<,RestRequestBuilder>
    An RestRequestBuilder extends an RestCaller with builder functionality and adds lambda support for handling the responses addressed to this RestCaller. The lambda defined as RestResponseObserver acts as the single listener to this RestCaller responsible for handling the responses for which this RestCaller is responsible. The locator to which a RestRequestBuilder targets for is defined by the UrlAccessor.getUrl() property.
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      RestResponse toRestResponse()
      Sends the request and returns synchronously the according RestResponse.
      default RestRequestBuilder withHeaderFields​( aRequestHeaderFields)
      default RestRequestBuilder withHttpMethod​( aHttpMethod)
      default <REQ> RestRequestBuilder withRequest​(REQ aRequest)
      default RestRequestBuilder withUrl​( aUrl)
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      • toRestResponse

        RestResponse toRestResponse()
        Sends the request and returns synchronously the according RestResponse.
        the rest response
        Throws: - the http response exception
      • withUrl

        default RestRequestBuilder withUrl​( aUrl)
        Specified by:
        withUrl in interface
      • withHttpMethod

        default RestRequestBuilder withHttpMethod​( aHttpMethod)
        Specified by:
        withHttpMethod in interface<RestRequestBuilder>
      • withRequest

        default <REQ> RestRequestBuilder withRequest​(REQ aRequest)
        Specified by:
        withRequest in interface
      • withHeaderFields

        default RestRequestBuilder withHeaderFields​( aRequestHeaderFields)
        Specified by:
        withHeaderFields in interface<,RestRequestBuilder>