Class ChaosKeyGeneratorImpl

  • public class ChaosKeyGeneratorImpl
    extends javax.crypto.KeyGeneratorSpi
    Thanks Christian Pontesegger for the very good example on "Writing your own JCA extensions - a full cipher" at: "" and for the very good example on "Writing your own JCA extensions - a simple digest " at: ""
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      javax.crypto.SecretKey engineGenerateKey​()
      protected void engineInit​(int aKeySize, aSecureRandom)
      void engineInit​( aSecureRandom)
      void engineInit​( ap, sr)
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    • Constructor Detail

      • ChaosKeyGeneratorImpl

        public ChaosKeyGeneratorImpl​()
    • Method Detail

      • engineInit

        public void engineInit​( aSecureRandom)
        Specified by:
        engineInit in class javax.crypto.KeyGeneratorSpi
      • engineInit

        public void engineInit​( ap,
        Specified by:
        engineInit in class javax.crypto.KeyGeneratorSpi
      • engineGenerateKey

        public javax.crypto.SecretKey engineGenerateKey​()
        Specified by:
        engineGenerateKey in class javax.crypto.KeyGeneratorSpi
      • engineInit

        protected void engineInit​(int aKeySize,
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        engineInit in class javax.crypto.KeyGeneratorSpi