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Type Members

  1. trait Body extends Object

    See body interface in whatwg Fetch spec.

  2. type BodyInit = |[|[|[Blob, BufferSource], FormData], String]

    defined at ¶6.2 Body mixin in whatwg Fetch spec

  3. type ByteString = String

    This type should capture strings consisting only of ASCII chars todo: is there a way to capture this type?

  4. trait Chunk[+T] extends Object

    See ¶2 Model but mostly the examples in the whatwg streams spec

  5. class Headers extends Object with Iterable[Array[ByteString]]

    ¶6.1 Headers Class of whatwg spec

  6. type HeadersInit = |[|[Headers, Sequence[Sequence[ByteString]]], OpenEndedDictionary[ByteString]]

    defined at ¶6.1 Header Class in whatwg Fetch spec todo: it should be OpenEndedDictionary[ByteString]

  7. trait HttpMethod extends Any

    This is not typed in the Fetch API but it is easy to create the most common defaults.

  8. class Notification extends raw.EventTarget

    The Notification interface allows to notify users of an incoming message or event.

  9. trait NotificationOptions extends Object

    @RawJSType() @native()
  10. type OpenEndedDictionary[T] = Dictionary[T]

    see ¶6.1 Headers class in whatwg Fetch spec.

    see ¶6.1 Headers class in whatwg Fetch spec. also see: issue 164 in Fetch API git repo, as this is not clearly defined

  11. trait ReadableStream[+T] extends Object

    defined at ¶2.1. Readable Streams of whatwg Streams spec.

  12. class ReadableStreamController[-T] extends Object

    ¶3.3 Class ReadableStreamController of whatwg spec

  13. class ReadableStreamReader[+T] extends Object

    See ¶3.4. Class ReadableStreamReader of whatwg streams spec.

  14. sealed trait ReferrerPolicy extends Any

    @RawJSType() @native()
  15. class Request extends Object

    The Request interface of the Fetch API represents a resource request.

  16. sealed trait RequestCache extends Any

    Fetch APIs RequestCache enum

  17. sealed trait RequestCredentials extends Any

    Fetch APIs RequestCredentials enum

  18. sealed trait RequestDestination extends Any

    Fetch APIs RequestDestination enum

  19. type RequestInfo = |[String, Request]

    defined at ¶6.3 Request class of whatwg Fetch spec

  20. trait RequestInit extends Object

    See RequestInit in Fetch API The underlying object is a dictionary.

  21. sealed trait RequestMode extends Any

    Fetch API's RequestMode enum

  22. sealed trait RequestRedirect extends Any

    Fetch API's RequestRedirect enum

  23. sealed trait RequestType extends Any

    Fetch APIs RequestType enum

  24. class Response extends Object with Body

    ¶6.4 Response class in whatwg spec

  25. trait ResponseInit extends Object

    See ¶6.4 Response class definition in whatwg Fetch spec.

  26. sealed trait ResponseType extends Any

    @RawJSType() @native()
  27. type Sequence[T] = Array[T]

    WebIDL sequence<T> is js.

    WebIDL sequence<T> is js.Array[T] | JSIterable[T]. However @mseddon knows at least Blink's IDL compiler treats these as simply js.Array[T] for now. We keep this type as a reminder to check in more detail

  28. class URL extends Object

    The URL() constructor returns a newly created URL object representing the URL defined by the parameters.

  29. sealed trait WriteableState extends Any

    ¶ get state of whatwg streams spec

  30. trait WriteableStream[-T] extends Object

    ¶4.2. Class WritableStream of whatwg Stream spec

Value Members

  1. object Fetch extends Object

    @native() @JSGlobalScope()
  2. object Fullscreen

    Full Screen API

  3. object HttpMethod

  4. object Notification extends Object

    Implicit imports for the notification api.

  5. object NotificationOptions

  6. object PointerLock

    Pointer Lock API

  7. object ReferrerPolicy

  8. object RequestCache

  9. object RequestCredentials

  10. object RequestDestination

  11. object RequestInit

  12. object RequestMode

  13. object RequestRedirect

  14. object RequestType

  15. object Response extends Object

    static methods associated with a Response object in ¶6.4 Response class of whatwg Fetch spec.

  16. object ResponseInit

  17. object ResponseType

    see of whatwg Fetch spec

  18. object Vibration

    Implicit imports for the vibration api.

  19. object WriteableState

  20. package beacon

    The Beacon interface is used to schedule an asynchronous and non-blocking request to a web server.

  21. package deviceorientation

    Implements the Device Orientation API, Editor's draft, 26 February 2016.

  22. package domparser

  23. package gamepad

    Implements the Gamepad API.

  24. package intl

    The Intl object is the namespace for the ECMAScript Internationalization API, which provides language sensitive string comparison, number formatting, and date and time formatting.

  25. package mediastream

  26. package push

    The Push API is currently specified here:

  27. package serviceworkers

    Service Workers

  28. package sharedworkers

  29. package webgl

  30. package webrtc

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