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  1. trait ANGLEInstancedArrays extends Object

    Enables array instancing (Khronos Extension)

  2. trait EXTBlendMinmax extends Object

    Extends blendEquation to support MIN_EXT and MAX_EXT.

  3. trait EXTColorBufferHalfFloat extends Object

    Enables 16-bit float colour buffer support.

  4. trait EXTDisjointTimerQuery extends Object

    Provides timing support to enable profiling of GL calls.

  5. trait EXTFragDepth extends Object

    Extends GLSL to support assigning the fragments depth via gl_FragDepthEXT.

  6. trait EXTShaderTextureLOD extends Object

    Provides fragment shaders with explicit LOD control for texture reads.

  7. trait EXTTextureFilterAnisotropic extends Object

    Adds anisotropic texture filtering support.

  8. trait EXTsRGB extends Object

    Enables nonlinear sRGB blending over framebuffers.

  9. trait OESElementIndexUint extends Object

    Extends drawElements to support the type UNSIGNED_INT.

  10. trait OESStandardDerivatives extends Object

    Provides additional first derivative information in fragment shaders.

  11. trait OESTextureFloat extends Object

    Provides 32-bit floating point texture support.

  12. trait OESTextureFloatLinear extends Object

    Extends OES_texture_float to support linear and mipmap minification filters.

  13. trait OESTextureHalfFloat extends Object

    Provides 32-bit floating point texture support.

  14. trait OESTextureHalfFloatLinear extends Object

    Extends OES_texture_half_float to support linear and mipmap minification filters.

  15. trait OESVertexArrayObject extends Object

    Provides Vertex Array Objects (VAOs).

  16. trait WEBGLColorBufferFloat extends Object

    Enables 32-bit float colour buffer support.

  17. trait WEBGLCompressedTextureETC1 extends Object

    Provides ETC1 texture compression support.

  18. trait WEBGLDrawBuffers extends Object

    Enables multiple draw buffer support.

  19. trait WebGLCompressedTextureATC extends Object

    Provides ATC texture compression support.

  20. trait WebGLCompressedTexturePVRTC extends Object

    Provides PVRTC texture compression support.

  21. trait WebGLCompressedTextureS3TC extends Object

    Provides S3TC texture compression support.

  22. trait WebGLDebugRendererInfo extends Object

    Provides additional driver and renderer information.

  23. trait WebGLDebugShaders extends Object

    Inspect the transpilation output of GLSL onto the underlying shader language.

  24. trait WebGLDepthTexture extends Object

    Provides depth and stencil texture support.

  25. trait WebGLLoseContext extends Object

    Allows simulation of losing the WebGL context to aid debugging.

  26. trait WebGLTimerQueryEXT extends Object

    A WebGL timer query.

  27. trait WebGLVertexArrayObjectOES extends Object

    A vertex array object, as used by OES_vertex_array_object.