package nest

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Type Members

  1. abstract class AntRunner extends SuiteRunner

  2. class Colors extends AnyRef

  3. class ConsoleRunner extends ConsoleRunnerSpec with Instance

  4. trait ConsoleRunnerSpec extends Spec with StdOpts with Interpolation

  5. class DirectCompiler extends AnyRef

  6. class ExtConsoleReporter extends ConsoleReporter

  7. class FileManager extends AnyRef

  8. class LogContext extends AnyRef

  9. class PartestGlobal extends Global

  10. class Runner extends AnyRef

    Run a single test.

  11. class SBTRunner extends AntRunner

  12. class SuiteRunner extends AnyRef

    Extended by Ant- and ConsoleRunner for running a set of tests.

  13. class TestSettings extends Settings

  14. class TestTranscript extends AnyRef

  15. case class TimeoutException(duration: Duration) extends RuntimeException with Product with Serializable

Value Members

  1. object ConsoleRunner

  2. object ConsoleRunnerSpec extends ConsoleRunnerSpec with Reference

  3. object FileManager

  4. object LogContext

  5. object NestUI

  6. object Output

  7. object PathSettings

    Get current value for path settings -- these depend on the mutable testSourcePath.

  8. object Properties extends PropertiesTrait

    Loads from the jar.

  9. object StreamCapture