package cmd

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Type Members

  1. class CommandLine extends CommandLineConfig

    An instance of a command line, parsed according to a Spec.

  2. trait CommandLineConfig extends AnyRef

  3. class Demo extends DemoSpec with Instance

  4. trait DemoSpec extends Spec with StdOpts with Interpolation

    A sample command specification for illustrative purposes.

  5. class FromString [+T] extends PartialFunction[String, T]

    A general mechanism for defining how a command line argument (always a String) is transformed into an arbitrary type.

  6. trait Instance extends Spec

    The trait mixed into each instance of a specification.

  7. trait Interpolation extends AnyRef

    Interpolation logic for generated files.

  8. trait ParserUtil extends Parsers

    A simple (overly so) command line parser.

  9. trait Property extends Reference

  10. class PropertyMapper extends ((String, String)) ⇒ List[String]

    Contains logic for translating a property key/value pair into equivalent command line arguments.

  11. trait Reference extends Spec

    Mixes in the specification trait and uses the vals therein to side-effect private accumulators.

  12. trait Spec extends AnyRef

    This trait works together with others in scala.

Value Members

  1. object Demo extends AnyRef

  2. object DemoSpec extends DemoSpec with Property

  3. object FromString extends AnyRef

  4. object Interpolation extends AnyRef

  5. object Meta extends AnyRef

    Meta-options for command line tools.

  6. object Opt extends AnyRef

    Machinery for what amounts to a command line specification DSL.

  7. object Parser extends RegexParsers with ParserUtil

  8. object Reference extends AnyRef

  9. object Spec extends AnyRef

  10. def fromArgs (args: List[String]): String

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  11. def fromOpt (s: String): String

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  12. package gen

  13. package program

  14. def returning [T] (x: T)(f: (T) ⇒ Unit): T

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  15. def runAndExit (body: ⇒ Unit): Nothing

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  16. def stripQuotes (s: String): String

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  17. def toArgs (line: String): List[String]

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  18. def toOpt (s: String): String

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