package ast

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Type Members

  1. trait DocComments extends AnyRef

  2. class NodePrinters extends AnyRef

    The object nodePrinter converts the internal tree representation to a string formatted as a Scala expression.

  3. class TreeBrowsers extends AnyRef

    Tree browsers can show the AST in a graphical and interactive way, useful for debugging and understanding.

  4. trait TreeDSL extends AnyRef

    A DSL for generating scala code.

  5. class TreeGen extends AnyRef

    XXX to resolve: TreeGen only assumes global is a SymbolTable, but TreeDSL at the moment expects a Global.

  6. class TreeInfo extends AnyRef

    This class .

  7. trait TreePrinters extends AnyRef

  8. trait Trees extends Trees

Value Members

  1. package parser