package parser

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Type Members

  1. case class BracePair (loff: Int, lindent: Int, roff: Int, rindent: Int, nested: List[BracePair]) extends Product with Serializable

    A descriptor for a matching pair of braces.

  2. case class BracePatch (off: Int, inserted: Boolean) extends Patch with Product with Serializable

    A patch that postulates that a brace needs to be inserted or deleted at a given position.

  3. class Change extends AnyRef

  4. case class Deletion (nchars: Int) extends Change with Product with Serializable

  5. case class Insertion (text: String) extends Change with Product with Serializable

  6. trait MarkupParsers extends AnyRef

    This trait .

  7. trait Parsers extends Scanners with MarkupParsers with ParsersCommon

    Performs the following context-free rewritings:

  8. trait ParsersCommon extends ScannersCommon

    Historical note: JavaParsers started life as a direct copy of Parsers but at a time when that Parsers had been replaced by a different one.

  9. class Patch extends AnyRef

  10. trait Scanners extends ScannersCommon

  11. trait ScannersCommon extends AnyRef

    See Parsers.

  12. class SymbolicXMLBuilder extends AnyRef

    This class builds instance of Tree that represent XML.

  13. class SyntaxAnalyzer extends SubComponent with Parsers with MarkupParsers with Scanners with JavaParsers with JavaScanners

    An nsc sub-component.

  14. class Tokens extends AnyRef

    Common code between JavaTokens and Tokens.

  15. class TreeBuilder extends AnyRef

    Methods for building trees, used in the parser.

Value Members

  1. object Tokens extends Tokens