package analysis

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  1. class CopyPropagation extends AnyRef

    A modified copy-propagation like analysis.

  2. trait DataFlowAnalysis [L <: SemiLattice] extends AnyRef

    A generic framework for data flow analysis.

  3. class Liveness extends AnyRef

    Compute liveness information for local variables.

  4. class LubException extends Exception

  5. trait ProgramPoint [a <: ProgramPoint[a]] extends AnyRef

    Program points are locations in the program where we want to assert certain properties through data flow analysis, e.

  6. class ReachingDefinitions extends AnyRef

    Compute reaching definitions.

  7. trait SemiLattice extends AnyRef

    A complete lattice.

  8. class TypeFlowAnalysis extends AnyRef

    A data-flow analysis on types, that works on ICode.