package icode

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Type Members

  1. trait BasicBlocks extends AnyRef

  2. class CheckerException extends Exception

  3. trait ExceptionHandlers extends AnyRef

    Exception handlers are pieces of code that handle' exceptions on the covered basic blocks. Since Scala's exception handling uses pattern matching instead of just class names to identify handlers, all our handlers will catch Throwable' and rely on proper ordering in the generated code to preserve nesting.

  4. class GenICode extends SubComponent

    This class .

  5. class ICodeCheckers extends AnyRef

  6. class ICodes extends Members with BasicBlocks with Opcodes with TypeStacks with TypeKinds with ExceptionHandlers with Primitives with Linearizers with Printers with Repository

    Glue together ICode parts.

  7. trait Linearizers extends AnyRef

  8. trait Members extends AnyRef

  9. trait Opcodes extends AnyRef

    The ICode intermediate representation.

  10. trait Primitives extends AnyRef

  11. trait Printers extends AnyRef

  12. trait ReferenceEquality extends AnyRef

  13. trait Repository extends AnyRef

  14. trait TypeKinds extends AnyRef

  15. trait TypeStacks extends AnyRef

    This trait .

Value Members

  1. object BBFlags extends AnyRef

  2. package analysis