package doc

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Type Members

  1. class DocFactory extends AnyRef

    A documentation processor controls the process of generating Scala documentation, which is as follows.

  2. class DocParser extends Global with RangePositions

    A very minimal global customized for extracting DocDefs.

  3. trait Index extends AnyRef

  4. class Settings extends Settings

    An extended version of compiler settings, with additional Scaladoc-specific options.

  5. trait Uncompilable extends AnyRef

    Some glue between DocParser (which reads source files which can't be compiled) and the scaladoc model.

  6. trait Universe extends AnyRef

    Class to hold common dependencies across Scaladoc classes.

Value Members

  1. object DocParser extends AnyRef

    Since the DocParser's whole reason for existing involves trashing a global, it is designed to bottle up general Global#Tree types rather than path dependent ones.

  2. package doclet

  3. package html

  4. package model