package io

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Type Members

  1. class AbstractFile extends Iterable[AbstractFile]

    This class and its children serve to unify handling of files and directories.

  2. class ClassAndJarInfo [T] extends AnyRef

    A convenience class for finding the jar with the bytecode for a given Class object and similar common tasks.

  3. class CondPickler [T] extends Pickler[T]

    A subclass of Pickler can indicate whether a particular value can be pickled by instances of this class.

  4. class DaemonThreadFactory extends ThreadFactory

  5. class Directory extends Path

    An abstraction for directories.

  6. class File extends Path with Chars

    An abstraction for files.

  7. case class FileOperationException (msg: String) extends RuntimeException with Product with Serializable

  8. class FileZipArchive extends ZipArchive

  9. class Fileish extends Chars

    A common interface for File-based things and Stream-based things.

  10. type JFile = File

    Definition Classes
  11. type JManifest = Manifest

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  12. class Jar extends Iterable[JarEntry]

  13. class JarWriter extends AnyRef

  14. class Lexer extends AnyRef

    A simple lexer for tokens as they are used in JSON, plus parens (, ) Tokens understood are:

  15. class LogReplay extends AnyRef

  16. class Logger extends LogReplay

  17. trait LowPrioritySourcesImplicits extends AnyRef

  18. class ManifestOps extends AnyRef

  19. class NullPrintStream extends PrintStream

    A sink for when you want to discard all output.

  20. class Path extends AnyRef

    The Path constructor is private so we can enforce some semantics regarding how a Path might relate to the world.

  21. class Pickler [T] extends AnyRef

    An abstract class for writing and reading Scala objects to and from a legible representation.

  22. class PlainDirectory extends PlainFile

  23. class PlainFile extends AbstractFile

    This class implements an abstract file backed by a File.

  24. class PrettyWriter extends Writer

  25. class Replayer extends LogReplay

  26. class Socket extends Bytes with Closeable

  27. class SourceReader extends AnyRef

    This class implements methods to read and decode source files.

  28. class Sources extends AnyRef

  29. class URLZipArchive extends ZipArchive

  30. class VirtualDirectory extends AbstractFile

    An in-memory directory.

  31. class VirtualFile extends AbstractFile

    This class implements an in-memory file.

  32. class ZipArchive extends AbstractFile with Equals


Value Members

  1. object AbstractFile extends AnyRef

  2. object DaemonThreadFactory extends AnyRef

  3. object Directory extends AnyRef

  4. object File extends AnyRef

  5. object Fileish extends AnyRef

  6. object Jar extends AnyRef

  7. object Lexer extends AnyRef

    Companion object of class Lexer which defines tokens and some utility concepts used for tokens and lexers

  8. object NullLogger extends LogReplay

  9. object NullPrintStream extends NullPrintStream

  10. object Path extends AnyRef

    An abstraction for filesystem paths.

  11. object Pickler extends AnyRef

  12. object PlainFile extends AnyRef

  13. object Socket extends AnyRef

    A skeletal only-as-much-as-I-need Socket wrapper.

  14. object SourceReader extends AnyRef

  15. object Sources extends LowPrioritySourcesImplicits

  16. object Streamable extends AnyRef

    Traits for objects which can be represented as Streams.

  17. object ZipArchive extends AnyRef

    An abstraction for zip files and streams.

  18. def callable [T] (body: ⇒ T): Callable[T]

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  19. def callableFn [T] (f: () ⇒ T): Callable[T]

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  20. def daemonize (body: ⇒ Unit): Thread

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  21. def runnable (body: ⇒ Unit): Runnable

    Definition Classes
  22. def runnableFn (f: () ⇒ Unit): Runnable

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  23. def spawn [T] (body: ⇒ T): Future[T]

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  24. def spawnFn [T] (f: () ⇒ T): Future[T]

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  25. def submit (runnable: Runnable): java.util.concurrent.Future[_]

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  26. def timer (seconds: Int)(body: ⇒ Unit): Timer

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