package settings

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Type Members

  1. trait AbsScalaSettings extends AnyRef

  2. trait AbsSettings extends AnyRef

    A Settings abstraction boiled out of the original highly mutable Settings class with the intention of creating an ImmutableSettings which can be used interchangeably.

  3. trait AdvancedScalaSettings extends AnyRef

  4. trait AestheticSettings extends AnyRef

    Taking flag checking to a somewhat higher level.

  5. class FscSettings extends Settings

  6. class ImmutableSettings extends AnyRef


  7. class MutableSettings extends AbsSettings with ScalaSettings with Mutable

    A mutable Settings object.

  8. trait ScalaSettings extends AbsScalaSettings with StandardScalaSettings with Warnings

  9. trait StandardScalaSettings extends AnyRef

    Settings which aren't behind a -X, -Y, or -P option.

  10. trait Warnings extends AnyRef

    Settings influencing the printing of warnings.