package symtab

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Type Members

  1. trait AnnotationCheckers extends AnyRef

    Additions to the type checker that can be added at run time.

  2. trait AnnotationInfos extends AnnotationInfos

    AnnotationInfo and its helpers

  3. trait BaseTypeSeqs extends AnyRef

    A base type sequence (BaseTypeSeq) is an ordered sequence spanning all the base types of a type.

  4. class BrowsingLoaders extends SymbolLoaders

    A subclass of SymbolLoaders that implements browsing behavior.

  5. trait Definitions extends StandardDefinitions

  6. class Flags extends Flags

  7. trait InfoTransformers extends AnyRef

  8. trait NameManglers extends AnyRef

    A trait to encapsulate name mangling.

  9. trait Names extends Names

    The class Names .

  10. trait Positions extends AnyRef

  11. trait Scopes extends AnyRef

  12. trait StdNames extends StdNames with NameManglers

  13. class SymbolLoaders extends AnyRef

    This class .

  14. class SymbolTable extends Universe with Names with Symbols with Types with Scopes with Definitions with Constants with BaseTypeSeqs with InfoTransformers with StdNames with AnnotationInfos with AnnotationCheckers with Trees with TreePrinters with Positions with DocComments with TypeDebugging

  15. trait SymbolTrackers extends AnyRef

    Printing the symbol graph (for those symbols attached to an AST node) after each phase.

  16. trait Symbols extends Symbols

  17. trait TypeDebugging extends AnyRef

  18. trait Types extends Types

Value Members

  1. object Flags extends Flags

  2. package classfile

  3. package clr