package typechecker

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Type Members

  1. trait Analyzer extends Contexts with Namers with Typers with Infer with Implicits with Variances with EtaExpansion with SyntheticMethods with Unapplies with NamesDefaults with TypeDiagnostics

    The main attribution phase.

  2. class ConstantFolder extends AnyRef

    This class .

  3. trait Contexts extends AnyRef

    This trait .

  4. class DeVirtualize extends AnyRef

  5. class DivergentImplicit extends Exception

  6. class Duplicators extends Analyzer

    Duplicate trees and re-type check them, taking care to replace and create fresh symbols for new local definitions.

  7. trait EtaExpansion extends AnyRef

    This trait .

  8. trait Implicits extends AnyRef

    This trait provides methods to find various kinds of implicits.

  9. trait Infer extends AnyRef

    This trait .

  10. trait Modes extends AnyRef

    Mode constants.

  11. trait Namers extends AnyRef

    This trait declares methods to create symbols and to enter them into scopes.

  12. trait NamesDefaults extends AnyRef

  13. class RefChecks extends SubComponent with InfoTransform

    Post-attribution checking and transformation.

  14. class SuperAccessors extends SubComponent with Transform with TypingTransformers

    This phase adds super accessors for all super calls that either appear in a trait or have as a target a member of some outer class.

  15. trait SyntheticMethods extends TreeDSL

    Synthetic method implementations for case classes and case objects.

  16. class TreeCheckers extends Analyzer

  17. trait TypeDiagnostics extends AnyRef

    An interface to enable higher configurability of diagnostic messages regarding type errors.

  18. trait Typers extends Modes

    This trait provides methods to assign types to trees.

  19. trait Unapplies extends TreeDSL

  20. trait Variances extends AnyRef

    Variances form a lattice, 0 <= COVARIANT <= Variances, 0 <= CONTRAVARIANT <= VARIANCES

Value Members

  1. object DivergentImplicit extends DivergentImplicit