package util

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Type Members

  1. class AssemblyClassPath extends ClassPath[Type]

    A assembly file (dll / exe) containing classes and namespaces

  2. class BatchSourceFile extends SourceFile

    a file whose contents do not change over time

  3. class BitSet extends AnyRef

  4. class CharArrayReader extends AnyRef

  5. trait Chars extends AnyRef

    Contains constants and classifier methods for characters

  6. class ClassPath [T] extends AnyRef

    Represents a package which contains classes and other packages

  7. case class CommandLine (args: List[String], unaryArguments: List[String], binaryArguments: List[String]) extends Product with Serializable

  8. class DirectoryClassPath extends ClassPath[AbstractFile]

    A directory (or a .

  9. class EmptyAction extends () ⇒ Unit

  10. class Exceptional extends AnyRef

    A simple throwable wrapper so it looks more like a parade of glittering frame-shaped beauties than the other thing.

  11. class FailedInterrupt extends Exception

  12. case class FakePos (msg: String) extends Position with Product with Serializable

  13. class FlagsUtil extends AnyRef

    Some functions for generating comments and methods involving flags, with the output determined by reflection so we can have a little more assurance that documentation and debugging output match up with reality.

  14. class FrameContext extends AnyRef

  15. trait FreshNameCreator extends AnyRef

  16. class HashSet [T >: Null <: AnyRef] extends Set[T]

  17. class InterruptReq extends AnyRef

    A class of work items to be used in interrupt requests.

  18. class JavaCharArrayReader extends Iterator[Char] with Cloneable

  19. class JavaClassPath extends MergedClassPath[AbstractFile]

    The classpath when compiling with target:jvm.

  20. class JavaStackFrame extends AnyRef

  21. trait LowPriorityScalaPrefs extends AnyRef

  22. class MergedClassPath [T] extends ClassPath[T]

    A classpath unifying multiple class- and sourcepath entries.

  23. class MsilClassPath extends MergedClassPath[Type]

    The classpath when compiling with target:msil.

  24. class MultiHashMap [K, V] extends HashMap[K, Set[V]]

    A hashmap with set-valued values, and an empty set as default value

  25. class OffsetPosition extends Position

  26. class Origins extends AnyRef

  27. trait ParserUtil extends Parsers

    A simple command line parser to replace the several different simple ones spread around trunk.

  28. trait Position extends AnyRef

    The Position class and its subclasses represent positions of ASTs and symbols.

  29. class RangePosition extends OffsetPosition

    new for position ranges

  30. trait ScalaClassLoader extends ClassLoader

  31. trait ScalaPrefs extends AnyRef

  32. class ScriptSourceFile extends BatchSourceFile

  33. class Set [T <: AnyRef] extends AnyRef

    A common class for lightweight sets.

  34. class SourceFile extends AnyRef

    abstract base class of a source file used in the compiler

  35. class SourcePath [T] extends ClassPath[T]

    A Classpath containing source files

  36. class Statistics extends AnyRef

  37. class TableDef [T] extends AnyRef

    A class for representing tabular data in a way that preserves its inner beauty.

  38. class Tracer extends AnyRef

  39. class TransFlagManager [T <: Global] extends AnyRef

  40. class TransparentPosition extends RangePosition

  41. class TreeSet [T >: Null <: AnyRef] extends Set[T]

    Sets implemented as binary trees.

  42. class WorkScheduler extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. object BitSet extends AnyRef

  2. object Chars extends Chars

  3. object ClassPath extends AnyRef

    This module provides star expansion of '-classpath' option arguments, behaves the same as java, see [http://java.

  4. object CommandLineParser extends RegexParsers with ParserUtil

  5. object DocStrings extends AnyRef

    Utilitity methods for doc comment strings

  6. object Exceptional extends AnyRef

  7. object FlagsUtil extends AnyRef

  8. object FlagsUtilCompiler extends FlagsUtil with MarkModifiers

    Convenience standalone programs.

  9. object FlagsUtilLibrary extends FlagsUtil with MarkModifiers

  10. object FrameContext extends AnyRef

  11. object FreshNameCreator extends AnyRef

  12. object HashSet extends AnyRef

  13. object JavaStackFrame extends AnyRef

  14. object MsilClassPath extends AnyRef

    Keeping the MSIL classpath code in its own file is important to make sure we don't accidentally introduce a dependency on msil.

  15. object NoPosition extends Position with Product with Serializable

  16. object Origins extends AnyRef

  17. object Position extends AnyRef

  18. object RegexCache extends AnyRef

  19. object ScalaClassLoader extends AnyRef

  20. object ScalaPrefs extends LowPriorityScalaPrefs

  21. object ScriptSourceFile extends AnyRef

  22. object ShowPickled extends Names

  23. object Statistics extends AnyRef

  24. object TableDef extends AnyRef

  25. object Tracer extends AnyRef

  26. def freq [T] (xs: Traversable[T]): Map[T, Int]

    Frequency counter

    Frequency counter

    Definition Classes
  27. def freqrank [T] (xs: Traversable[(T, Int)]): List[(Int, T)]

    Definition Classes
  28. def millisElapsedTo [T] (f: (Long) ⇒ Unit)(body: ⇒ T): T

    Given a function and a block of code, evaluates code block, calls function with milliseconds elapsed, and returns block result.

    Given a function and a block of code, evaluates code block, calls function with milliseconds elapsed, and returns block result.

    Definition Classes
  29. def onull [T] (value: T, orElse: ⇒ T): T

    Definition Classes
  30. def returning [T] (x: T)(f: (T) ⇒ Unit): T

    Apply a function and return the passed value

    Apply a function and return the passed value

    Definition Classes
  31. def stackTraceString (ex: Throwable): String

    Definition Classes
  32. def stringFromStream (stream: (OutputStream) ⇒ Unit): String

    Definition Classes
  33. def stringFromWriter (writer: (PrintWriter) ⇒ Unit): String

    Generate a string using a routine that wants to write on a stream.

    Generate a string using a routine that wants to write on a stream.

    Definition Classes
  34. object trace extends AnyRef

  35. def waitingForThreads [T] (body: ⇒ T): T

    Execute code and then wait for all Threads created during its execution to complete.

    Execute code and then wait for all Threads created during its execution to complete.

    Definition Classes