package util

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Type Members

  1. class AbstractTimer extends AnyRef

    This abstract class implements the collection of timings.

  2. trait ClassPathSettings extends AnyRef

  3. trait CompileOutputCommon extends AnyRef

  4. class Javap extends AnyRef

  5. class PathResolver extends AnyRef

  6. class Profiling extends AnyRef

    This is a (very) minimal stub for profiling, the purpose of which is making it possible to integrate profiling hooks in the compiler without creating a dependency on any particular profiler.

  7. class SignalManager extends AnyRef

    Signal handling code.

  8. class Signallable [T] extends AnyRef

    A class for things which are signallable.

  9. class SocketConnection extends AnyRef

    This class implements the connection to the server.

  10. class SocketServer extends CompileOutputCommon

    The abstract class SocketServer implements the server communication for the fast Scala compiler.

  11. trait StringOps extends AnyRef

    This object provides utility methods to extract elements from Strings.

Value Members

  1. object Javap extends AnyRef

  2. object PathResolver extends AnyRef

  3. object SignalManager extends SignalManager

  4. object Signallable extends AnyRef

  5. object StringOps extends StringOps

  6. object Which extends AnyRef

    A tool for identifying which classfile is being used.