object Futures

[source: scala/actors/Futures.scala]

object Futures
extends AnyRef
The Futures object contains methods that operate on Futures.
Philipp Haller
Method Summary
def alarm (t : Long) : Future[Nothing]
def awaitAll (timeout : Long, fts : Future[Any]*) : List[Option[Any]]
def awaitEither [a, b](ft1 : Future[a], ft2 : Future[b]) : Any
def future [T](body : => T) : Future[T]
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Method Details
def future[T](body : => T) : Future[T]

def alarm(t : Long) : Future[Nothing]

def awaitEither[a, b](ft1 : Future[a], ft2 : Future[b]) : Any

def awaitAll(timeout : Long, fts : Future[Any]*) : List[Option[Any]]

Awaits all futures returning an option containing a list of replies, or timeouts returning None.

Note that some of the futures might already have been awaited.